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ECU Socket Info


First, please check to make sure you have an EPROM model ECU. ECMLink is only compatible with EPROM model ECUs. The following two pictures illustrate the difference.

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If you have a '90-'97 non-EPROM ECU, we can offer an EPROM conversion service. But if you have a '98-'99 ECU, you will have to locate a suitable EPROM replacement ECU. Our EPROM ID page has more information related to this. If you do need to order a new ECU, check with us. We do sometimes have EPROM ECUs in stock.

Socket Check

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Once you have identified that your ECU has an EPROM, next you'll need to check to see if the EPROM is installed in a socket or not. If the EPROM is soldered directly to the ECU's PCB, then you will need to have that ECU socketed before you can install ECMLink. If, however, the EPROM is installed in a socket like the one shown here, then you're all set. A socket like this allows the EPROM and/or ECMLink flash device to be easily removed and replaced without having to do any soldering work.

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