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Socket Part Number

We get asked fairly often about the actual socket we use when doing a socket job on an ECU. This page is just a collection of that information.


We use a low-profile, machined-pin socket made by Mill-Max. It's a 28-pin socket, of course, to match the 28-pin EPROM used in the DSM ““ECUs””.

Vendor Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp.
Manufacturer P/N 110-99-628-41-001000
Description IC SOCKET 28PIN MS TIN/TIN .600
Contact Finish Tin-Lead, 200 µin (5.08 µm)
Digi-Key P/N ED3728-ND
RoHS Replacement 110-44-628-41-001000

To order one of these, you can just contact Digi-Key using the part number information above. A picture of this socket is provided below.

1G Memory module notes

If you have a 1G with a memory board and you had someone other than us socket your ECU, take a look at the socket they used. You want one that looks very similar to the one we use. You want round, machined pin holes (to match the round pins on the 1G memory board) and you want an edge that's flush with the tops of the pin insertion holes. If your socket is not of this type, it will probably allow the memory board to move around. This can easily cause the ECU to reset unexpectedly and could even scramble your settings in the memory board.

The following sockets are examples of sockets that are NOT appropriate for use with the 1G memory module.


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