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Viewing/Datalogging New Values (V2 ONLY)

Do the following to add a new item for display. Step 1 should not technically be necessary. But there does appear to be a minor bug in the DSMLink application that can sometimes throw an “index out of bounds” error if this step is skipped.

  1. Close any current datalog (File→Close)
  2. Open the ECU→Captured values dialog box
  3. Add the new item to the ECU (move from left list to right)
  4. Hit Ok
  5. Open the Display→Values dialog
  6. The new items will be listed as available for display now


The user's manual goes into a lot of detail regarding this issue. The Display→Values dialog box also contains a note at the top instructing the user on how to add a value that's not listed there for display. And, of course, there have been many, many posts on the forums related to this. But still some new users do get confused when they pull up the Display→Values dialog and don't immediately see what they're looking for (LTFT, TPS, etc.).

The problem is that the application can only display data via the Display→Values menu item that was captured from the ECU. You have to first tell the ECU to capture the new data that you want and then you can display it after a new datalog is captured. For example, you cannot display long term fuel trim (LTFT) if that value was not captured in the log. The values to be captured by the ECU can be configured using the ECU→Captured values menu item.

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