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1G ECU identification

Refer to the following image. The MD166262 number is a “typical” 1G DSM ECU part number. However, it's a printed paper label put on there by a remanufacturer of some sort. It's not an official Mitsubishi part number label. And, as was the case with this ECU, it's not an accurate label. :(

If you look at the 7380 number stamped on the white connector block, this is actually a Mitsubishi part number. You can prefix that number with either e2t3 or e2t6 to get a full part number. In this case, e2t37380 is actually a FWD Galant, non-turbo (normal ECU part number MD172575)! The customer thought he had a turbo model DSM (MD166262)…

The chip with the E442 label on it (also circled in read) is the EPROM. That chip number (E442) is *not* a DSM chip number. So that's another clue to look for when closely examining these ECUs. We'll try to put up another page at some point on the wiki with ECU part numbers and chip numbers, but until then, you can use our EPROM FAQ page. Steve Piette also has a GREAT resource on his ECU ID page.

OK, so what's actually good about this ECU? The knock board circled in green is what you'll find on a turbo model DSM ECU. Sweet! That's at least a plus. Apparently there were FWD non-turbo Galants produced with a knock board. Interesting, for sure. But still not a 100% compatible ECU for use in a turbo model DSM. But, it's at least closer than most non-turbo ECUs.


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